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I Am A Winner

I Declare that today will be a winning day. I am excited about new opportunities and new levels of increase in my life. I declare that God has already opened up the necessary doors that I need. The right people and things are showing up. Yes I am indeed blessed and highly favored. Through my eyes of faith I am seeing my wins and there is no doubt of what’s to come because my God reigns. I call forth my success because I have power within me to do so. This is my Declaration on this Winning Wednesday.





I Declare that today is a good day. I woke up in my sound mind and I am open and ready to be led by God. God is ordering my steps and thoughts. I am allowing myself to be used by Him for His glory. For I know putting my trust in Him is the best gift I can give my. My God is a good God, He kept me yesterday and He will keep me today. I just know that I know that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard nor minds can conceive what my God is doing and about to do in my life. This is my Declaration on this Winning Wednesday.