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A New Season

I Declare that today I am the head and never the tail. Above and never below. A victor never a victim. I declare that I am an overcomer, I may fall but will always get back up. I serve a God who loves me and will never leave me nor forsake me. All that I am is because of Him. To God be all the glory. I declare that valley days are ceasing and my mountain season has ushered in. This is my Declaration on this Thankful Tuesday.




Have Faith

I Declare that there will be glory after this. Yes sing with me There Will Be Glory After This. God is shaking things up, He is moving on my behalf. I declare that His faithfulness has seen me through, is seeing me through and it is manifestation time. I declare prayers are being answered right now. Prayers of healing, increase and yes miracles. My on time God says YES and I know one yes from Him is all I need. Yes it is my time, it is my season and I am attracting success in every area of my life God’s way. My God is committed to my success, He is committed to me living a prosperous life and so shall it be. This is my Declaration on this Thankful Thursday.



I Am Being Molded

I Declare that today my current circumstances are just that CURRENT. They do not dictate who I am or what’s to come. I am an overcomer and when God created me, He made victory part of my DNA. The same way He parted the red sea, I Declare that He is creating a path for me to get me through unharmed. Yes God created someone amazing in me and I declare that God has set me up to have the most amazing comeback. Yes the Potter’s hand is upon me and He is molding me. I am. Living, Loving and Laughing because I serve a great God. This is my Declaration on this Terrific Tuesday.



Faith Filled

I Declare that as I rise today, that God is stirring something new in me. My faith is constantly growing and I declare that my God is taking me from every valley that I am currently facing and turning it into a mountain top of victory. My God of turn around yes has showed up in my midnight hour and has already shifted things in my favor. God has seen me through, is bringing me through and has already gotten me through. I am standing on solid ground with my God on my side and there is nothing in my current sight that is going to taint my view of what my God has done, is doing and is about to do in my life. This is my Declaration on this Faith Filled Friday.



He Provides

I Declare that everything I want and need will show up right on time. Jehovah Jireh, my God, my provider, my best time keeper will always show up right on time. I declare that there is a shift and in this promotion season, my God that resurrects is leaning in my direction. My God is providing deliverance, restoration and He is making it anew. Not as it was or I hoped for but better because He is good like that. This is my Declaration on this Wonderful Winning Wednesday.



Time To Heal

I Declare today to be a day of healing. Jehovah Rapha hands is across our nation today. I declare healing of the mind, body and soul. Broken hearts are comforted and healed. Minds are renewed and where there was discouragement hope has taken over. I declare that the doctor’s report is now being over turned and bodies are now being free from invasion causing every cell to function the way it was meant to. Yes there is healing, healing indeed because our God is a healing God. This is my Declaration on this It’s My TIME To Heal Tuesday.