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I Declare that nothing that is happening to me, for me or around me is going to stop my praise. I serve a God who is always on the scene and always working behind the scene on my behalf. I declare I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. My God is an awesome God and an on time God. Won’t He do it? Yes, Yes, Yes He will do it Always. No weapon formed against me shall prosper because Jehovah Nissi is His name. This is my Declaration on this Winning Wednesday.



A New Season

I Declare that today I am the head and never the tail. Above and never below. A victor never a victim. I declare that I am an overcomer, I may fall but will always get back up. I serve a God who loves me and will never leave me nor forsake me. All that I am is because of Him. To God be all the glory. I declare that valley days are ceasing and my mountain season has ushered in. This is my Declaration on this Thankful Tuesday.



Miracle Monday

I Declare that today will be a great day. Yesterday is gone and yes today is my gift and I declare it to be a Miracle Monday. Today my every step shall be ordered. I declare that I am purposed filled for my God will strengthen me, help me and uphold me with His righteous hands always. Yes this new day brings with it many gifts, many blessings and yes many miracles. God has me engraved in the palm of His hands and that just fills me up with unshakeable joy. This is my Declaration on this Miracle Monday.



Have Faith

I Declare that there will be glory after this. Yes sing with me There Will Be Glory After This. God is shaking things up, He is moving on my behalf. I declare that His faithfulness has seen me through, is seeing me through and it is manifestation time. I declare prayers are being answered right now. Prayers of healing, increase and yes miracles. My on time God says YES and I know one yes from Him is all I need. Yes it is my time, it is my season and I am attracting success in every area of my life God’s way. My God is committed to my success, He is committed to me living a prosperous life and so shall it be. This is my Declaration on this Thankful Thursday.




I Declare that as a child of the most high God, I am special. I was created with great care, love, thought and detail attention. Yes my creator took time to create an amazing individual in me. As I wrap my mind around this thought, I declare that the greatness that is in me is birthing great things in my life. My God is making it known to all that His hand is upon me. His hand of favor is bringing increase in my life, like never before. I declare that His favor is no longer just coming in spurts but that I am totally washed in it always. My heart is full and I am in awe of my God. To God be all the glory. Yes I am blessed and highly favored. This is my Declaration on this Wonderful Wednesday.



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