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True Beauty Is An Inside/Out Job

Looking back I thank God for putting the right people at the right time in my life, that made deposits to help mold me into the woman I am today. I grew up not feeling like a pretty girl, a self imposed label that created a lot of self doubt in me as a child. So many young girls look towards society to tells us what beauty looks like and way too often these girls grow up to be insecure women because they feel that they just don’t measure up.

I remember the self criticisms that I tortured myself with all because of my tainted view on beauty. Our society has created a mold for what is quote on quote beauty is. The sad part is that is has everything to do with what we look like on the outside and nothing to with the beautiful people we are on the inside. True beauty radiates from the inside out. Haven’t you ever ran into someone that before you came into their presence just thought they were one of the most beautiful people you ever saw? That is until you actually met them, had a conversation and you just could not believe that such ugliness was coming from them. Yes beauty is not just image, it is indeed an inside out job.

It is funny how God works, because now as a career I teach women how to not just look good on the outside but how to work on the inside. My twelve year journey with Mary Kay Cosmetics have taught me so much about true beauty. A company that allows women to embrace their true self and pay it forward. Yes we sell lipsticks, but with the sale of every lipstick we help a woman enhance her natural beauty and get into relationship with her to make a deposit and give her the opportunity to enrich her life.

My life has been enriched in so many ways because I am operating from a place of truth. My journey has taught me that real beauty is:

1. Knowing whom you belong to, and being made in His image makes you beautiful.

2. You are who you say you are so speak only what you want to see.

3. Embrace you in your entirety.

4. Love and love wholeheartedly.

5. Give and give your best.

6. Know that there is purpose on your life.

7. Be others focus because your life is not just about you.

I believe that yes we should always take the time out and do the work to look our best. I love getting dressed up and looking good from head to toe. So do not think I am saying just be a good person on the inside and walk around looking like you just rolled out of bed. Our self image has a lot to do with how we present ourselves. You can’t affect change looking a mess, which is one of the reason I love that I get the daily opportunity of helping people put their best face forward.

No matter where you are in your life now or what your path has been thus far, know that what lies within you is beautiful. Maybe it needs to be cultivated and today can be the first day of the rest of your life. Step out on faith and get out of the comfort zone that has been holding you back. Be a part of my Yes I Am Beautiful Movement and join me in changing lives through the sale of a lipstick.

I want to leave you with this question. Who do you see when you look yourself in the mirror and what change are you willing to make to have a better you to look at tomorrow?

Life is about decisions and we can choose to be the same or do the work and discover the beauty within. I hope you choose the latter because there is an inner light waiting to radiate in it’s entirety.