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Winning Week

I Declare that today I will start seeing myself the way God sees me. He created an amazing individual in me and I shall walk in His authority. I will start loving myself the way God loves me because His love is always more than enough. I Declare that as His power flows in me that there shall be no mountain I cannot climb. There shall be no weapon formed that will prosper. There shall be no given dream that shall not come to pass. Whatever my God brings me to, He shall see me through. I know that His plans for me are plans to prosper me and not harm me, plans of great hope and a future. This is my Declaration for this Wonderful Winning Week.




Have Faith

I Declare that there will be glory after this. Yes sing with me There Will Be Glory After This. God is shaking things up, He is moving on my behalf. I declare that His faithfulness has seen me through, is seeing me through and it is manifestation time. I declare prayers are being answered right now. Prayers of healing, increase and yes miracles. My on time God says YES and I know one yes from Him is all I need. Yes it is my time, it is my season and I am attracting success in every area of my life God’s way. My God is committed to my success, He is committed to me living a prosperous life and so shall it be. This is my Declaration on this Thankful Thursday.



I Am Being Molded

I Declare that today my current circumstances are just that CURRENT. They do not dictate who I am or what’s to come. I am an overcomer and when God created me, He made victory part of my DNA. The same way He parted the red sea, I Declare that He is creating a path for me to get me through unharmed. Yes God created someone amazing in me and I declare that God has set me up to have the most amazing comeback. Yes the Potter’s hand is upon me and He is molding me. I am. Living, Loving and Laughing because I serve a great God. This is my Declaration on this Terrific Tuesday.




I Declare today that I am a winner. God has gifted me with every thing that I need, the skill, talent and wisdom to win. Winning is my birth right. Weapons may form but they shall never prosper. What God has for me has been specially gifted just for me. Yes winning is part of my DNA. Today I am on the front line in motion and I will fight for my every win. Yes I am breakthrough minded because it is my victory season. This is my Declaration on this Making It Happen Monday.



I Declare

I Declare this Wednesday to be a winning one. I have got a profound joy flowing through me that I shall not let anything steal it. I am a magnet and I call forth my dreams because I know that if God gave me a peak at it, it is mine to have. I declare success in every area of my life and I believe that there is a shift in the atmosphere that was done just for me. I am doing my victory dance right now because better is at hand and best is on it’s way. This is my Declaration on this Winning Wednesday.


How does reading this make YOU feel?

Look Good Feel Good

Regardless of how you are feeling, there is something about putting your best face forward that could put a smile on your face. Not everyday will be your best day but if you choose to respond instead of react you then choose to take back the power. I use makeup as a fun accessory. Do I feel prettier with it yes, the same way I feel prettier when walking out of the salon with a new do or taking off the sweats and getting dressed up. Having said that do I need it to feel pretty, no because I have learn how to embrace who I am from the inside out. I love helping women put their best face forward but most importantly I love helping them figure out what’s going on between their two ears that’s preventing them from seeing the beautiful woman that already exist. I love enriching lives.

Would love to hear from you. Why do you wear makeup.

Thankful Tuesday

I Declare joy, peace and happiness is flowing and exuding from me today. Today is a gift and I am so thankful that God woke me up in my right mind. I am blessed, truly blessed and I am going to be a blessing to someone today. I am operating only from my God given power today. I Declare that no immediate circumstance shall interrupt my peace or joy because valley moments are only for a season. Hello mountain, you are in plain view and I am so excited to see you. Everything is turning around in my favor! This is my Declaration on this Thankful Tuesday.