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Fantastic Friday

I Declare that I am the head and never the tail. My God is my author and finisher and a new chapter in my life is unfolding. One of great promise, joy, favor and grace. My yesterday lessons have brought me such wisdom today and prepared me for my better tomorrows. I am in a such a good state of mind and I shall not let anything or anyone interrupt my joy. I know God’s got me and that in itself is the only assurance I need. This is my Declaration on this Fantastic Friday.





I Declare that today is the day that I get a Yes from God. One of His Yes is now canceling all of the nos. Yes Yes Yes God is making a way, hallelujah. I Declare His, peace, joy and power is flowing through me. His wealth, increase and overflow are mine today. This is my Declaration on this Thankful Thursday.



Smoky/Bold Brows

Want to know how to get those Smoky Brows/Bold Brows that everyone is buzzing about. Look no further because your MK’s Girl got you. A few products will help you out. I use a pencil, concealer and brow gel all of which you can get on PM message me for a personal consult.


The Best Is Before You

I Declare today that God is giving me great insight on what’s to come. For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. The vision is clear, yes my best days are before me. What seems like it was taking forever to happen, God is doing it instantly. This is my Declaration on this It’s My Time Tuesday.



Miracle Monday

I Declare that on this Miracle Monday I shall received a miracle. Yes blessings are chasing me down and God are opening up the right doors for me. What was once lost is now found. What was broken is now being repaired. Where illness was, healing has showed up. Yes I am walking in prosperity. A new day has come and it has brought forth a new season indeed. This is my Declaration on this Miracle Monday.



Get Your Glow On

I love that I can always add a glow to my face no matter how I feel. A few simple makeup tricks and you can look like you just got back from vacation. This goes hand in hand with looking good and feeling good. I can wake up feeling and looking tired and by using a few products to perk my skin up and it perks me up. That glow have me in the mirror saying girl you look good which puts a smile on my face and I have just forgotten how I woke up feeling. I start off by using my Mary Kay Microdermabraision Set to wake my skin up by removing any dull dead skin. Followed by my Timewise Moisturizer which I air dry for about 30 seconds before applying my foundation. Then to amplify my glow I highlight with the Mary Kay Highlightening Pen and the Mary Kay Bronzing Powder. Sealing it with a sunkiss color on my lips with the Mary Kay Nourishine Lipgloss.

Put A Smile On, It’s Victory Time

I Declare that my every thought and step today will be ordered by the Lord. I am walking totaly in His love for He is my shepherd and I shall not fear. Everything I touch today shall be blessed. Wow a bountiful harvest for the good seeds I have planted. Yes He is having me walk on victory road today with no detours. This is my Declaration on this Right On Time Thursday.